Andrew’s been fascinated with Big Rigs since childhood, reading Trucking Life cover to cover through the late 1980 and early 1990’s.

Andrew recently found out that his primary school teacher and parents used Trucking Life as a way of getting him interested in reading!!

Andrew and team entered the FatigueHACK competition at the Trucking Australia 2018 conference with a desire to make a difference, learn a lot and test out their skills in a Hackathon context.

Andrew’s team, Augmented-Intelligence won 1st place with the Smart Steering Wheel concept. Since the FatigueHACK, Andrew and the team have been developing, testing and refining prototypes of the Smart Steering Wheel.

The team now has several prototypes of the system, now known as FatigueM8, and are trailing them with several large trucking companies on the east coast.


FatigueHACK: From paper to prototype

Thursday 4 April

12.00pm to 12.30pm