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Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall and his wife Amanda started their small business, Great Southern Pilots in 2009, piloting in Katanning for the local tractor dealerships before co-founding Kendall Trucking & Co in 2013.

Yogi’s career in the trucking industry started when he was 21, working locally in country Victoria before progressing into full-time interstate driving Australia-wide at 24. Since then, Yogi has been carting general freight, oversize freight, machinery, and anything else he can load on the truck – including the Luna Park dodgem cars.

A passionate, independent and well-known member of the trucking industry, Yogi has regularly appeared on the Outback Truckers television show, was named the 2016 Scania Truck Driver of the Year, headlined the United Kingdom’s ‘Truckfest’ in 2018, played a role in the abolition of the RSRT, established the Great Southern Hearts hay run, and describes buying his own truck and brand-new trailer as a career highlight.


What Makes WA Trucking Great

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