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The fatigue system in the eastern states and South Australia is too complicated. It forces drivers to work when they are tired and stop when they are ready to work. It’s doesn’t deal with fitness for duty properly, either.

The Western Australian fatigue system is completely different. Many say it’s the answer.

In this collaboration session, sponsored by Teletrac Navman and with the support of Seeing Machines, you’ll work with other delegates to build a better fatigue system for the HVNL states.

With the aid of roaming mentors and truck drivers at every table, session participants will split into four groups to discuss:

  • work and rest hours
  • accreditation and fitness for duty
  • record keeping and electronic work diaries
  • fatigue monitoring.

Our digital illustrator will record your findings for debate at our industry parliament on Friday afternoon.

This collaboration session is limited to 80 participants.



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Thursday 4 April