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Athol is Compliance Manager at Fraser’s Livestock Transport in Warwick, Queensland. Since completing a school-based traineeship nearly 20 years ago, Athol has worked in various roles in the transport industry including driver and his current position as Compliance Manager at Frasers Livestock Transport.

Over the years Athol has contributed to improving the TruckSafe program as a member of the Animal Welfare Sub-Committee and in 2018 he was appointed as a TruckSafe director.  

Athol is a participant in the 2019 Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum and has been working to re-introduce an historical ‘offsider driver program’, designed for new entrants to learn the Livestock Transport Industry code of conduct/culture and driving skills in multi-combination vehicles. The program would involve on-the-job training as well as accredited/skill set training. 


Upgrading the training standards

Thursday 4 April

4.00pm to 5.00pm