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Duncan Gay is Chair of the NHVR and was previously NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight and Leader of the Government in the New South Wales Legislative Council.

As Minister, he championed significant positive change to the safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle sector, enabling NSW transport operators and local businesses to catch up with the rest of the country and, in many cases, lead reform of road freight improvements for the benefit of the industry, broader community and, in turn, the national economy. He understood the importance of working closely with freight supply chain partners to deliver tangible outcomes, particularly for regional and rural NSW, and was responsible for vastly increasing access to local freight networks and giving a strong focus to adopting a respectful culture in roadside heavy vehicle safety and compliance interactions.

Duncan is a Director of the Bush Children’s Education Foundation of NSW, a Director of Sir Earle Page Trust, an Advisory Board Member of MU Group and Non-Executive Director of Asia Pacific RPAS Consortium (ARC).


Building a modern regulator

Friday 3 April

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