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ATA Chair

Elected as the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association in 2017, Geoff Crouch has a deep understanding of the trucking industry as both an operator and at an association level.

Geoff is the managing director of Ron Crouch Transport, and has 23 years’ experience working within the reliable firm. Also a former President of ATA member association NatRoad, Geoff is familiar with the challenges and opportunities facing trucking operators, and the need to stand up for our industry.

Under Geoff’s leadership the ATA has been fighting to bring a renewed focus to improving road transport safety and productivity. He’s working to create and develop a more unified and cohesive industry to approach and respond to shared challenges.

At Trucking Australia 2019, you’ll be part of the collaboration and engagement to drive the industry’s future.


ATA Chair’s Welcome Address

Thursday 4 April

9.00am to 9.10am

Why Fixing Truck Regulation Matters

Friday 5 April

9.00am to 9.30am

Call to action: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Friday 5 April

7:30am to 8.30am