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Australia’s truck drivers are working hard to deliver the food, medicine and essential goods we need to get through this epidemic.


But too many truck stops and roadhouses have locked off their toilets and showers. Too many drivers are being forced to eat their meals in the dust and heat outside.

Truck drivers are essential workers and deserve better.

The ATA and its member associations have won special rules for truck stops and roadhouses. They can stay open, with appropriate social distancing and hygiene.

Now we will work with truck stops and roadhouses to encourage them to use the exemption. We will also work with industry customers to urge them to keep their facilities open.

You can help.

Keep them open is a joint campaign by the Australian Trucking Association and Big Rigs.

We want to hear about your experiences on the road.

We will use what we learn to:


press businesses to keep facilities open


share your experiences with the rest of the industry


inform governments

Tell us your experiences

What you’ve told us so far.


…they still want their freight there on time regardless of our needs.

It’s disgusting and disgraceful.


If truckies aren’t an essential service, I’ll eat my hat.

They should receive every courtesy and help. It’s these people who are keeping this country running.

Look after them.


I work at BP Roadhouse in Keith SA. I was told by some drivers tonight that this was going on.

I think it’s a disgrace.

I’m so sorry you guys are having this done to you. We still offer showers and toilets to our truck drivers

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