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The trucking industry pays for its use of the road system through the road user charge on fuel and very high registration charges. The National Transport Commission works out the charges using a complex mathematical model.

In 2019, the NTC advised Ministers that charges would need to increase by 11.4 per cent. Following a strong campaign by the ATA and its member associations, governments decided to consult on increasing charges by a much lower amount. They also asked the NTC to undertake a new determination – a thorough review of the model – for determining charges.

Separately, the Australian and state governments have agreed to consult on long term reforms to how truck charges are decided and spent. This could include service level standards for roads and directly linking truck charges to road spending.

In this collaboration session, sponsored by Teletrac Navman, you’ll work with other delegates to build a better truck charging system.

With the aid of roaming mentors, session participants will split into groups to discuss key charging issues, including:

  • the impact of yearly registration bills on cashflow
  • what levels of service should roads provide for trucking
  • controlling sudden jumps in charges
  • should fuel charges be replaced by direct charging
  • helping businesses invest in new, safer trucks.

The ATA will use the results of the session to help develop the case we put to governments.

The session is limited to 48 participants.





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Thursday 2 April