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All the behind the scenes secrets of SafeT360 will be revealed in this backstage tour, providing an insight into the industry’s new face of road safety education and the journey that led us there.

What could the ATA Safety Truck have looked like if SafeT360 wasn’t the winning concept?

In this session, ATA Safety, Health and Wellbeing Director Melissa Weller will share intriguing insights from our focus group research, as well as early feedback from the SafeT360 target audience.

You’ll also get a look at the concepts that didn’t make the cut, view never-before-seen footage and graphics, and hear anecdotes from the redesign process, like why our why our Australia Post driver suddenly had to call the office on the set of the SafeT360 virtual reality video shoot.

Following the presentation, you’ll then get to hop in the virtual driver’s seat and experience SafeT360 yourself.



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Thursday 2 April