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QTA Smart Business Seminar

Driver shortage is a topic on many conference agendas: How can our industry find experienced drivers? How to get young people to join our business?

We know road transport has an aging workforce, with some drivers now exiting early due to changes in their role; caused by regulation and technology. Significant time and energy in spent into creating new programs, advertising for new staff and competing for a ever-shrinking pool of experienced drivers. While these activities are valuable and contribute to a solution, there could be another answer.

In this session, you will learn how the traineeship system may provide the solution to finding drivers for your business and creating a sustainable workforce for our industry.

Hear from well-respected industry leader, Athol Carter, who started as a school student choosing to take up a traineeship in the transport and logistics this industry. He will share his journey, from becoming a driver and then moving into safety and compliance roles to now currently managing operations and serving on the Trucksafe board.

Then, QTA’s vocational and education specialist will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use traineeships to ‘grow your own’ drivers, giving you information on available funding.

A trainee just might be the right person for hard-to-fill job roles within your business!



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Thursday 2 April