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Regan Brown is a 3rd generation Supply-Chain Logistician.

Regan’s grandfather founded a successful transport business, and as a schoolboy he went to and from school in one of his courier delivery vans – his first experience in the transport industry. From an early age Regan was acutely aware that people who work in the transport industry are ‘real’, hard working people who deliver the goods for the rest of us to consume and they are easy to talk to. 

Next, Regan’s father started a trucking business called ‘1st Fleet’. It was a great place to learn the ropes of the transport and logistics industry. Again, Regan really liked the people and fell in love with the industry through the deep rooted connections I established. 

In 1997 Regan’s father founded Labourforce, a hire and recruitment company in order to address his transport business staffing shortages and staffing quality issues around selection, industry specialisation and knowledge of industry requirements. 

Now 21 years on, Regan has taken the Labourforce and Impex Personnel businesses forward to become leading Supply-Chain and Logistics international staffing businesses servicing the best in industry with the best people, holding true to quality supply and service standards that are industry leading.


127,000 Drivers Needed – and more

Friday 5 April

9.30am to 10.30am